Jet Tent


"What we liked most about the Foxwing was the way it covered both left-side doors and the tailgate of our wagon, providing a shaded, rain-proof shelter around half the car. Most awnings cover only the side doors."

"Whenever I go camping, I put my Foxwing up becuase its so fast to put up and to take down . The best piece of camping equipment I have ever bought."

"FANTASTIC! Just days before we left, our Foxwing arrived. During the trip we lost count of how many times we used it, and how many times we demonstrated it to envious fellow travellers."

"Separating the (Foxwing's) components out made me discover quickly that who ever designed this unit was really into the details. I new right away that I was looking at only 5 minutes of assembly..."

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- Kevin and Rosemary Stayner

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